🌟 Case Study: How Fi Warren Smith turned a stressful investment into £80k profit

April 15, 2023

Meet Fi Warren Smith, an experienced investor who found herself in a tight spot. With a project in Wokingham’s Peach Street (RG40), Fi was under immense pressure. Unforeseen structural work and increased build costs had slashed her expected profit from £125k to a mere £20k on a year-long project. The mounting stress was impacting her family life and other business decisions. Fi was even prepared to make a loss just to get out of this predicament.

Local agents tried but failed to find a solution, and while investors expressed interest, none were willing to buy. Time was of the essence, as holding onto the property only increased Fi’s expenses. That’s when she turned to us for help.

Applying our 4-step process, including a solution-oriented fact-finding mission and a report recommending an auction, we presented Fi with the best possible course of action. Though unfamiliar with the auction process, Fi trusted our expertise to guide her through it and secure the most favourable outcome.

Leveraging our experience, we selected the ideal auctioneer and managed the sale progress on Fi’s behalf. To our delight, the property received multiple bids even before the auction, ultimately securing a pre-auction sale of £560k! Given Fi’s initial purchase price of £480,000, she made an astonishing £80k profit in only one month of ownership.

The result? A rapid exit from the property with four times the profit Fi would have made if she had proceeded with the project, and in a fraction of the time. Now, Fi enjoys peace of mind and has the time and finances to take a family holiday, spend quality time with her children, and move on to her next investment!


Key Stats:

Purchase Costs: £480,000

Reserve Price: £480,000

The Hammered Way: Sold for £560,000 before the auction in less than 20 days after signing up with Hammered.


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