How Henry Ended His 10-Year Saga by Selling His Property at Auction in Just 18 Days

June 22, 2023

Meet Henry Gibbons, a property owner who had been trying to sell his Elephant & Castle property on Dartford Street (SE17) for over a decade. Despite owning the property for more than 25 years, the sale process proved challenging, mainly due to a non-paying tenant whom Henry struggled to evict.

Various potential buyers approached Henry, but none of the deals materialized. He grew tired of the constant back-and-forth and offers falling through, eventually losing faith in the traditional sales process. All Henry wanted was to be rid of the property.

After a lengthy court battle, Henry successfully evicted the tenant and turned to us to take his property to auction. We assured him that an auction would enable a swift sale on his terms. Confident in our expertise, Henry entrusted us with the process, freeing him to focus on other aspects of his life.

Our team selected the right auctioneer to accommodate Henry’s requirements while providing exposure to numerous developers. We guided him throughout the process, addressing any issues that arose during marketing and sale. Thanks to our strong relationship with the auction house, we managed to include Henry’s property as a late lot – a rare opportunity.

In just 18 days from formal instruction, Henry’s property sold at auction for £775,000, significantly higher than his best unconditional offer. This quick sale provided Henry with liquid funds to reinvest, generating income elsewhere far sooner than he had anticipated. With the weight of the property sale off his shoulders, Henry could now concentrate on his family and lifestyle.


Key Stats:

Time Spent Trying to Sell: 10 Years

Highest Unconditional Offer: £650,000

Conditional Offers with Long-Stop Dates: £830,000


The Hammered Way: Sold at auction in 18 days after instruction for £775,000 with a 4-week completion on the seller’s terms!

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