Top 9 Reasons Why Properties Fail to Sell at Auction

August 17, 2023

Picture this: You’re excited to sell a house at an auction, confident in its value and potential. The gavel rises, the room fills with anticipation, but when the final call is made, there are no takers. A property unsold at auction is not just about luck or market conditions; often, it’s the result of easily avoidable pitfalls. As with any venture, understanding the common challenges can vastly increase your chances of success. In this post, we delve into the top reasons why properties might fail to secure a buyer at auction – and more importantly, how you can sidestep these obstacles.

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1. Unsuitable for Auction

Some properties simply don’t fit the auction mould. For example, cultural centres or properties with niche appeal might not generate enough interest in a fast-paced auction environment.


2. Auction Selection

Choosing the right auction house matters. Local auctions might be more appropriate for properties that appeal to local end users, as they may understand the property’s value better. National auctions can sometimes intimidate local buyers. Ask the Hammered team if in doubt.


3. Pricing Pitfalls

Setting the right reserve and guide prices is critical. Overpricing can discourage initial interest and limit the number of potential bidders, undermining the auction’s success.


4. Legal Pack Hurdles

Issues with title documents or land registry documents can create unexpected obstacles. Restrictive covenants, for example, might limit a property’s appeal by imposing restrictions on use, letting, or selling. Ensuring your legal pack is complete and accurate is essential to a smooth auction process.


5. Tenancy Troubles

Properties with problematic tenants may deter potential buyers. It’s important to address any tenancy issues and follow legal protocols as a landlord to avoid complications during the auction process.


6. Document Disorganisation

A lack of proper documentation can be a red flag for potential buyers. Whether it’s due to an inexperienced solicitor, seller disorganisation, or intentional concealment, missing documents can hinder a property’s chances at auction.


7. Marketing Mishaps

A property’s description in the auction catalogue serves as an executive summary of its value proposition. If crucial details are missing or poorly presented, buyers may not be enticed to investigate further. Ensuring high-quality descriptions and photos can make a significant difference.


8. Viewing Access

Auction houses manage viewings, and sellers must be responsive to their requests. Some auction houses excel at coordinating viewings, while others may struggle. Ensuring smooth access to viewings can greatly impact a property’s appeal.


9. Customer Service Concerns

Potential buyers may contact the auction house for more information. How their inquiries are handled can either enhance their interest or put them off entirely. Providing excellent customer service is vital for a successful auction.


In the unpredictable world of property auctions, being prepared is half the battle. Recognising the challenges and addressing them head-on can transform your auction experience from a daunting task to a rewarding journey. Now that you’re familiar with the potential pitfalls, take the time to review each aspect of your property sale. Reach out to professionals, seek advice, and always keep the end goal in mind. Every property has its unique appeal, and with the right approach, there’s a keen buyer out there waiting to discover it.

Best of luck with your auction journey, and remember, the Hammered team is here to support you every step of the way.


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